Albert Albert Malik
Real name

Albert Malik

Species Human
Gender Male
Citizenship Flag of United States of America American
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Affiliation H alternate 3 HYDRA
Status Deceased
TV series AgentCarter
Portrayed by Steven Hack
"Anything for friends of Mister Stark."

Albert Malik is a jeweler who worked in New York City. However, it truth, he is known to be an agent of HYDRA's second incarnation.


Serving HYDRA

At the time of the Red Skull's death, Albert had learned a lot of history about HYDRA's origins and wanted to become a very big part of it in history. He was very loyal to HYDRA and knew that if one head faction is cut off, then two more head factions would grow back. He remained in contact with Arnim Zola and had secretly helped him in his plan to recreate another HYDRA. He kept his allegiance a secret and made sure nobody knew who he worked for.

Allegiance in Secret

Howard Stark contacted Albert in order to develop a special bracelet, that jewelers designed according to Stark's specifications, with the intention of being presented as a gift to all the women with whom Stark had maintained any kind of relationship.

During their investigation to clear Stark's name, Edwin Jarvis took Peggy Carter to Albert's jewelry shop, where Albert explained to Carter the characteristics of the bracelet, especially how highest quality diamonds and gold were used in the bracelet, so any girl would be lucky to wear one of them.

Albert even offered Carter to try on a bracelet, but she politely refused and asked him to see the list of women that had been sent one of the bracelets. Albert promptly gave them that list, being ready to help any friend of Stark's.




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