"I'm headed down to secure the armory. I'm also upstairs in the conference room."
―Alisha Whitley to Lincoln Campbell[src]

Alisha Whitley was an Inhuman who lived in Afterlife and acted as Jiaying's one-woman army when she waged open war against S.H.I.E.L.D.. In the aftermath of the war, Whitley focused her efforts on protecting Inhumans targeted by Lash, entering an alliance with S.H.I.E.L.D. to accomplish this. However, Whitley was targeted by Hive and infected by the parasitic Inhuman, serving him and his plans for world domination until her death at the hands of the Kree Reapers. However, it turns out that she was alive and that it was her duplicates that were killed, and continued to support her master's plan unseen. After Hive's death, Alisha was later freed from his control and went into hiding.

Powers and Abilities


"They're going to keep coming."
"Not if we take out the source.
Melinda May and Lincoln Campbell about Alisha Whitley[src]
Alisha Copies

Alisha Whitley was an Inhuman who achieved her genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.

  • Replication: Whitley was able to project four images of her own body. She used her duplicates in combat to overwhelm her enemy and chain attacks together. These duplicates, however, were dependent on the prime Whitley remaining conscious. Whenever her power was in use, Whitley's eyes were completely glazed over with white, her pupils and irises simply vanishing.
    • Hive Mind System: Whitley could mentally command all of her duplicates to do her bidding without spoken word. She also possessed the ability to know and control what her duplicates were doing, as she told Lincoln Campbell what parts of the Iliad she had conquered in real time. She could tell when one of her duplicates had been killed, suffering to some extent when this happened and needing time to recover. The extent to which Whitley suffered from a duplicate's death seemed to depend on how painful the death was; when Lash killed one of her duplicates, she went into shock, whereas she was still functional when one of her clones was shot by another. However, it should be noted that her encounter with Lash predated her infection by Hive.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Whitley was highly skilled in unarmed combat, being able to defeat multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in hand-to-hand combat, and briefly held her own against very skilled combatants such as Skye and Melinda May.
  • Expert Acrobat: Whitley was an accomplished acrobat; during her fight with Skye, she performed numerous cartwheels to escape Skye's hold and performing a flip off a table to dodge a roundhouse kick from Skye and following with an attack.






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