"The death of my dearly beloved cousin Wolfgang von Strucker has left us deeply rattled. His death has become a tragedy to us all. HYDRA suffered critically from our enemies, the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and other organizations that cut every head from HYDRA, but I know out future withon our great society will live on. If they keep cutting off the head, two more will takes its place. Hail HYDRA!"
―Andrea von Strucker

Andrea von Strucker was an Inhuman who was the twin sister of Andreas von Strucker and a member of the Strucker Family that were loyal to the terroist organization known as HYDRA. Learning a lot about HYDRA's past and origin from her cousin Wolfgang von Strucker, Andrea believed that she had a great future ahead as being a great leader of HYDRA. She attended HYDRA Preparatory Academy where completed her exams and her final test while her brother had a side of weakness. After her cousin was murdered by Ultron, Andrea sought to avenge her cousin's death and build her own cell of HYDRA. Her recent job was recruiting and freeing doctors, mercenaries, bodyguards, and scientists that had ties with Wolfgang.

At some point during the Inhuman Outbreak, Andrea and her brother Andreas had Inhuman genes in them and recently went through Terrigenesis which activated her powers. Her brother recently betrayed her when he chose to abandon HYDRA's loyalty, causing her to go on the hunt for him. During the Infinity War, Andrea remained in close contact with General Helen Hale, but the two held a deep rivalry over HYDRA's leadership and it would soon be a shock to her that her cousin was alive and rebuilt his own cell alongside Doctor Nikolaus Geist. She was still alive at the time when Thanos killed half of the universe's population by a one snap of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Following the Infinity War, Andrea was was one of the founding leaders that built the Cabal, a secret team of gifted individuals that would dominate the world along with Amora Incantare.

Powers and Abilities


Sympathetic Bio-Blasting: After going through Terrigenesis, Andrea had the ability to produce bio-energy discharges, but only when they had physical contact with each other. She can generate blasts of destructive energy that can disintegrate matter, while Andreas could generate concussive force blasts.

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