"Whitehall designed her to lead."
"Whitehall is dead.
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Arnold Brown was known to be a fanatical believer in HYDRA's ideology. Married to Secretary Leslie Carrington of Imperial Industries, he was the father of Laura Brown. While working for the Imperial Industries under his real name with Daniel Whitehall and Alexander Pierce, he also took a side job at HYDRA Prepatory Academy where he took the name Professor Steger and teach young students to learn all of HYDRA's philosophical ways.


Side Jobs within HYDRA

During the his early twenties, Arnold worked for the Imperial Industries that his father recommended. He would go on to marry Executive Secretary Leslie Carrington and the two would have a daughter named Laura. He later joined the secret shadowy organization known as HYDRA and became very obsessed with it. As he had his friend Alexander Pierce covering his back and showing him everything on what HYDRA does, Arnold planned to bring his family into the fold, but became infuriated when his wife had divorced him and was planning to take his daughter. In order to prove how loyal he was to HYDRA, Brown murdered his wife and took his daughter somewhere where he would teach her how to embrace HYDRA. by worked his way up in both organizations

While using his position to divert money and resources secretly into HYDRA, Brown took a side job at HYDRA Prepatory Academy where he took the name Professor Steger. His job was to educate young students that were kicked out from their families or those that were members of HYDRA families to serve HYDRA and show them what HYDRA's true goals were.





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