The Maggia is a secret organization, originally an international crime terrorist-syndicate organization bent on world domination. It was founded by Luchino Nefaria many centuries ago during his time in Europe where he secretly gathered a few ruling families of many nations. During the 1980's, the Maggia controlled most of the political underworld through the use of enhanced human beings and the greatest scientific minds. It was responsible for almost exposing HYDRA from within S.H.I.E.L.D. before HYDRA destroyed it's power and influence once and for all.



Overthrow of Manfredi

Conflict against HYDRA

Modern Day

By modern day, the Maggia still operates out in the open as a corrupt system led by multiple political families. Though having retained some power over the last 30 years, Obadiah Stane has said that they will never reclaim the power they lost in the 1980's.


20th Century

Name Position Status
Anthony Cavelli Head of the Cavelli Family Undead
Whitney Frost Former Operative Unknown
Caterina Manfredi Secretary Deceased
Joseph Manfredi / Blackwing Volatile Leader in the Maggia Alive
Silvio Manfredi Head of the Manfredi Family In Custody
Giuletta Kristina Nefaria Former Operative Alive
Luchino Nefaria / Count Nefaria Founder of the Maggia and Head of the Nefaria Family Unknown
Renata Nefaria Member of the Nefaria Family Deceased

21st Century

Name Position Status
Joshua Anders Former Member of the Maggia Alive
Sonny Caputo / Crime Hammer Head of the Caputo Crime Family In Custody
Rosalie Carbone Head of the Carbone Crime Family Alive
Jason Dean Mercenary In Custody
Wilson Fisk / Kingpin Head of the Fisk Family In Custody
Rico Gambisi Head of the Gambisi Crime Family In Custody
Edward Lavell / Eel Head of the Lavell Crime Family In Custody
Louis Marko / Overcharge Alive
Michael Marko / Man Mountain Marko In Custody
Gina Venture Alive/Defected

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