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Moon Knight
Season Two
Original Channel Disney+
Marvel Cinematic Universe
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The Second Season of Moon Knight premiered on Disney+. It takes place after Thor vs. Hercules: War of the Realms & Sleepwalker, with the titular protagonist making a cameo appearance in the mid-credit scene.


Moon Knight Season 2 follows Marc Spector, who, having saved the world from Arthur Harrow's influence & Ammit's destruction, is now trying to live a normal life with his wife Layla. Unfortunately, Jake Lockley, the newest addition to Marc's multiple personalities, is now the Avatar of Khonshu, & so Marc is again forced to fight for justice in the name of the Moon God. Along with Layla & new teammate Rick Sheridan (who happens to be the nighttime hero Sleepwalker), Marc comes across faces from his dark past as he uncovers a sinister plot revolved around the Death Goddess Nepthys.



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