Stephanie Malick was an Inhuman who was the daughter of the HYDRA leader Gideon Malick. She loyally served HYDRA and her father in their quest to return Hive to Earth. After her father was successful in bringing Hive back to Earth, Stephanie was given a fish oil pill by her father and underwent Terrigenesis which unlocked her gift. However, she fell under Hive's sway and became more loyal to Hive, despite still working for HYDRA. While helping Hive complete his plan to transform the Earth's population into Primitives, Stephanie began to attack the Playground in her colossal form, only to be engaged by Size Queen and Criti Noll.



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Stephanie being brainwashed by Hive.

Kidnapping Doctor Radcliffe

Powers and Abilities


  • Bodily Augmentation: As Mother Bones, Stephanie's ability stems to limited biological system augmentation magnifying bone density, skin toughness and sinuous structure in order to better enhance her physical combat ability.
  • Bone Protrusion Generation: Capable of generating sharp razor claws.
  • Muscle-Mass Enhancement: Bones can bolster the size and toughness of her muscles to unknown degrees.
  • Size Alteration: Able to grow nearly double her original height whenever her powers are in use.


She had abilities in construction, having worked for Habitat for Humanity.





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